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The Husky platform plays a huge role in delivering effective auto-enrolment (AE) compliance and admin management for our clients. Developed over 4 years – and constantly updated based on conversations with The Pensions Regulator and pension schemes – the platform helps make AE simple and affordable for employers.

Here we talk to Myrna Curley, Husky’s Head of Operations, about how the platform helps businesses.

1.     How does the platform mitigate against common compliance issues?

The platform is constantly updated to reflect changes to AE obligations. For instance, in April, there were changes to thresholds and minimum contributions – we’re in constant contact with The Pensions Regulator to ensure everything stays up to date.

Our software is designed to check for all potential compliance issues. Through our work with more than 750 employers, we’ve identified 20 common (and even more uncommon) errors, and the system is designed to search for and flag all of them automatically.

2.     What types of compliance error does the platform flag?

Postponement is a great example – there’s lots of confusion out there on how it works, and the platform highlights anything different to what the rules require. Re-enrolment is also coming to the fore as deadlines approach for certain employers.

Other common areas the system highlights are if an employer has assessed the workforce and not included an eligible employee. Or if payroll teams are calculating contributions using the wrong earnings basis. Similarly, we often find payroll is using the incorrect tax relief based on what’s been assigned to the scheme.

3.     What features of the Husky platform get the best employer feedback?

Real-time contribution calculations are hugely popular. This is a more recent addition to the platform. Before, the employer or payroll provider would give us the information, we’d do the workforce assessment manually and then provide the contribution calculations within an hour or so. Now, users get contribution calculations as soon as they confirm payroll information in the portal. You get an immediate answer, which makes it easy to spot an incorrect amount due to manual input error.

Another popular feature is lookback – the platform automatically populates the figures from the previous month. That means that if you have a static payroll, you don’t have to manually re-enter data month to month. You just have to adjust when there’s a change. This is a massive time saving.

The platform also manages non-standard payroll frequencies easily and compliantly. This can be a difficult issue for employers, because not all pension schemes can facilitate non-standard payrolls. Husky’s pension shortlist tool gives guidance on appropriate schemes, including for non-standard payroll frequencies. The platform then handles all the complexities compliantly.

Want to learn more about how Husky helps employers save time and money – and ensure workplace pension compliance? Visit our employer portal now.

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