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We all look for guidance when faced with unfamiliar situations, and workplace pensions are new for most employers. So when we’re told we must choose one for our staff, where should we look to for advice and security?

Leah Clarke and Sarah Hawkins, founders of Barney Bears Nursey, found themselves in this exact situation.

The challenge

Leah and Sarah started by looking at the admin involved in running a workplace pension for workers across their 4 London daycare sites. What they discovered concerned them.

“It was overwhelming. It looked like we’d have to recruit another staff member just to support this extra admin work!” said Leah.

The monthly administrative burden was only one consideration. They realised the choice of scheme was also vital. They had to get it right.

“The responsibility of making the right decision on behalf of our staff was enormous. We realised it would directly impact our colleagues’ financial security when they retire. We all work hard. We didn’t want money to be lost in hidden pension charges. We certainly didn’t want to give money to a pension that would go bust before anyone could reap the rewards,” Leah said.

The result

These concerns were echoed by their financial adviser, who recommended they seek guidance from Husky. Set up by auto-enrolment specialists, Husky offers unbiased support to employers by managing the admin, offering guided choice on schemes and guaranteeing compliance.

Husky’s independence and affordable pricing was crucial for Barney Bears because it enabled Leah and Sarah to:

  • Know the real deal for each provider they were considering
  • Be certain their employees’ savings were secure
  • Not pay over the odds for a workplace pension

Husky helped Barney Bears choose a good pension, and then set it up and manage it, reducing the company's admin. They're delighted with the service. 

As Leah said: “The more I read about workplace pensions and the risks of choosing a poor one, the happier I am with our choice. I really don’t know what we would have done without the support from Husky.”

To learn more about how you can benefit in a similar way, contact us on 0800 044 8114 or email hello@huskyfinance.com

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